Rose Ditches Ed! | 90 Day Fiancé: Before The 90 Days

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Rose packs up her things and heads to the airport while Ed contemplates his future.
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Runtime: 03:01


asioe kiou
asioe kiou - 8 timer siden
I hope whoever she ends up with treats her like the queen she is. She deserves so much better.
Alain Pierre Valle
Alain Pierre Valle - 10 timer siden
lol! feeling maganda si ate
Mixxi_stxlla :3
Mixxi_stxlla :3 - 10 timer siden
Dam I feel bad for Ed but it’s the best for rose so I respect her
asioe kiou
asioe kiou - 8 timer siden
“I meet my true king in the future” 👏👏
zuzu zoe
zuzu zoe - 10 timer siden
A queen was born!
Daniel Arrieta
Daniel Arrieta - 11 timer siden
Yas queen
freaking jay
freaking jay - 12 timer siden
Ed just like big chungus
Tiana Wells
Tiana Wells - 14 timer siden
Funny cause she’s engaged with a women now...research it😅
monkeyslovebananas11 - 15 timer siden
the way miss rose did NOT fall for ed’s gaslighting. “you think I’m a bad person?” “yeah.”
Eli Lo
Eli Lo - 16 timer siden
Big baby don’t like the truth apparently
Denise C
Denise C - 16 timer siden
Gorge and rose should date 🥰🥰
lil redeyes410
lil redeyes410 - 17 timer siden
No cap he lowkey a simp
SANJAY RANAKOTI - 18 timer siden
Men is true he is 54 year he tell truth so whts wrong their rose having song already and he is ready to accept her and son so why she want more kids
Girl With The Blue Glasses
Girl With The Blue Glasses - 18 timer siden
Ed trying to gain sympathy: “it’s okay, I get it, you think I’m a bad person”
Rose: “yeah”
CARMEN - 18 timer siden
i swear ed embodies white privilege at its finest
IamEdelle 35
IamEdelle 35 - 19 timer siden
"i meet my true king in the future" periodt sis
Shriya Suresh
Shriya Suresh - 19 timer siden
There is a 31 age difference between them.......
MarshmallowDude - 20 timer siden
I’m a young teenager but I think that rose is someone wayyyy out of Ed’s league.Rose has a good personality,Pretty much knows 2 languages(or more).Is good looking and very cultural.Ed is a neckless loser that thinks cheating is ok.
Kawaii Bunny
Kawaii Bunny - 21 time siden
if rose was a scammer, she would have stayed for the green card THEN left him... but she didnt do that. she outed him all over IG about his lies. and stood up for herself. good for her
Day6 Fan
Day6 Fan - 21 time siden
“I meet my true king in the future” 👏👏
Day6 Fan
Day6 Fan - 21 time siden
He’s not even self-aware like dude DO YOU KNOW HOW MANY TIMES YOU WRONGED THIS GIRL? 🤦‍♀️
Jasmine Correa
Jasmine Correa - 22 timer siden
Rose should have her own show
Jasmine Correa
Jasmine Correa - 22 timer siden
Rose should have her own show
mohammad alfaiz
mohammad alfaiz - 22 timer siden
Ed's a king, Rose belongs to the streets.
Imran Bawani
Imran Bawani - 23 timer siden
Don’t worry rose good karma will get u and you will get loads of money from ads
Lea Misigaro
Lea Misigaro - Dag siden
This man said he was shocked... bud you insulted her multiple times and lied to her
strxberry gxlore
strxberry gxlore - Dag siden
Ed and rose have a argument
Rose: packing her stuff
producer: sO hOw arE yOu fEeLiNg?
Test User Name
Test User Name - Dag siden
He has been lying to her from before he even met her. Yes, he IS a bad person.
Isabella Smith
Isabella Smith - Dag siden
Someone go give her a hug! And if you see this Rose, you did the right thing. And drop the hair care routine like your hair look soft and shiny ❤❤🌹🌹
Rezqita Ramadhani
Rezqita Ramadhani - Dag siden
lol all you have to do is change your attitude and learn how to respect you freaking turtle smh
Lee Jong Suk
Lee Jong Suk - Dag siden
Rose: I meet my true king in the future
Go girl! Go find someone who respects and love you. Someone who accepts you for who you are. Someone who loves you and your family. Specially someone who has a neck
Presleigh Quinn
Presleigh Quinn - Dag siden
You said she needs time which I think means she needs time away from you
Christian Fortuna
Christian Fortuna - Dag siden
This is a WOMAN of true colors. She's a gem.
qopoy dnon
qopoy dnon - Dag siden
im confused as to why he walked away ....
cyborg kitty
cyborg kitty - Dag siden
but where is the 'i like the veiw' episode??
qopoy dnon
qopoy dnon - Dag siden
Women like her are toxic. Red flags all around.
Micca Fablina
Micca Fablina - Dag siden
cyborg kitty
cyborg kitty - Dag siden
good for her
NoahGatcha Playz
NoahGatcha Playz - Dag siden
Why does rose look 16 and he looks 52
Ro - Dag siden
stan queen rose.
Shannon Buckley
Shannon Buckley - Dag siden
Rose you are awesome, you deserve so much better, you deserve an actual man, ed is just a boy that hasn't matured.
HalieRenee - Dag siden
I love her lmao
Bella French
Bella French - Dag siden
When he walked off I was generally surprised that he could even walk the fast 😂😂
Buzz Brick
Buzz Brick - Dag siden
Ed played himself by asking I’m a bad person huh and she took it and said yes big Ed how could you dig your own grave like that
Damian Martinez
Damian Martinez - Dag siden
Dont get up and leave ed if u dont mean it.
What a drama queen. Still playing 3rd grade chase me games. Probably seen to many romance movies lol
Jaliss Bracero
Jaliss Bracero - Dag siden
Jaliss Bracero
Jaliss Bracero - Dag siden
Jaliss Bracero
Jaliss Bracero - Dag siden
She is so mad Because She had to leave her son and For him Ew,
Alexis David
Alexis David - Dag siden
2:27 YOUR SHOCKED Oh my gosh I hate this dude soooo much like someone needs to go and tell him he is rude, disrespectful, has no room criticize a girl like that, and that he isn't all he thinks he is like he is ugly inside and out
Yssia Mejorada
Yssia Mejorada - Dag siden
When Rose agreed that he was a bad person, he walked out and he cant tke it anymore 😆 wow, but all the insults, embarrassment face to face he doesnt felt sorry about what he did.
Jesus Christ
Jesus Christ - Dag siden
Women like her are toxic. Red flags all around.
mjwife 312
mjwife 312 - Dag siden
im confused as to why he walked away ....
sukashi - Dag siden
Instead of sitting there trying to work things neck gets up and walks away pouting....that look of disgust on her face says alot on how she is really feeling about him now.. guess he thought she was going to run after him... lmao... NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
brianna solomon
brianna solomon - Dag siden
unrelated to anything: rose is so freaking pretty like i can’t 😭😭
Anagayle Bagaoisan
Anagayle Bagaoisan - Dag siden
And sis be not turning her head back
Anagayle Bagaoisan
Anagayle Bagaoisan - Dag siden
Ed be storming off and her face be showing victory that she is free from this
zyyjanaee - Dag siden
How is he older than her dad 😟 I’ve never seen that
bcvbb hyui
bcvbb hyui - Dag siden
No neck ed:"I'm the bad guy" 🌹✨Rose: "DUH!!"
Fred Vachon
Fred Vachon - Dag siden
He's ugly af
Ligma Balls
Ligma Balls - Dag siden
Freak Ed
Ligma Balls
Ligma Balls - Dag siden
bcvbb hyui lied on her used her and lied on her sister and didn’t like her breath
bcvbb hyui
bcvbb hyui - Dag siden
So what did he do that was wrong? Bought her gifts gave her money tf did I miss
MMX - Dag siden
Des Torres
Des Torres - 2 dager siden
Ed I'm here waiting also the right guy
Hannah - 2 dager siden
Rose has taken his crap from day 1, from lying about his height to embarrassing her on tv for her breath and she’s kept her cool the entire time. The one time Rose brings up 1 issue which he should have told her about he goes offit like a teenager acting like they’re not in the wrong and blaming it on everyone else.
Amynah Saliling
Amynah Saliling - 2 dager siden
If ed he very like rose why rose son alone to her father why ed he don't like rose son together ed is very unfair and no since
Ky Garter
Ky Garter - 2 dager siden
She’s a queen for knowing what she wants, I genuinely hope she does well.
Elizha Chelz
Elizha Chelz - 2 dager siden
the fact that he walks out on her. ✌️🙄
Ataprumah Atap
Ataprumah Atap - 2 dager siden
She just need a vacation.. Green card n money.. She live in a slum..that obvious
Grace Miller
Grace Miller - 2 dager siden
He souls trust her
Grace Miller
Grace Miller - 2 dager siden
I mean should
U Harsika
U Harsika - 2 dager siden
Rose is a real one.she just stating facts
Charmaine Fuimaono
Charmaine Fuimaono - 2 dager siden
Not once have I heard Rose say “where’s your neck?” “Why you so short?” “Why is your hairline worse than my past?” And this mf be out here pointing out every flaws that she doesn’t have. Sigh sometimes it’s surprising that this ugly mf got a chance with someone beautiful inside and out.
Chloe Booker
Chloe Booker - 2 dager siden
Poor rose🥺 she truly is amazing and it’s so sad that he hurt her like he’s just a dick and I don’t understand how he doesn’t see we’re he went wrong
africanmoose - 2 dager siden
ed: *gaslighting* so you think i'm a bad person
rose: *without missing a beat* yuh
Pink Soda
Pink Soda - 2 dager siden
This show just let this guy took advantage to this girl and after this break up,they just vanished not atleast giving simple reward to rose this episode took millions of views on social media,
laraib khan
laraib khan - 2 dager siden
He’s shocked because he’s an American with a bit of cash and he thought that’s all he needed to get a poor girl from the Philippines. She’s a queen and he’s a rat xx
Elpheus Thokozani Nkosi
Elpheus Thokozani Nkosi - 2 dager siden
I have never seen a boy like Ed before
rebl vln
rebl vln - 2 dager siden
So what did he do that was wrong? Bought her gifts gave her money tf did I miss
Sharlaine Chatterjee
Sharlaine Chatterjee - 2 dager siden
CJ animates
CJ animates - 2 dager siden
Good for her
Lona - 2 dager siden
Rose: I meet my true king in the future
Me: yas honey!
A LD - 2 dager siden
Rose is such a mature, strong and beautiful woman, we stan
Sabrina Gravelis
Sabrina Gravelis - 2 dager siden
Maii - 2 dager siden
Thats why you don't sleep with turtles till you get MARRIED.
Isha Amir
Isha Amir - 2 dager siden
What embrrased that's not english