Rose GOES OFF on Big Ed | 90 Day Fiancé: Before The 90 Days

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Rose feels betrayed that Ed kept his planned vasectomy a secret from her since day one.
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Runtime: 03:00


Dizzysnz - Time siden
Where is his neck
Amaria Anson-Black
Amaria Anson-Black - Time siden
He didn't tell her because he knew that if she knew that he'd had the vasectomy, she wouldn't have had sex with him
xiao bella
xiao bella - Time siden
Andrew Young
Andrew Young - 3 timer siden
Bruh savage
Sierra Sims
Sierra Sims - 4 timer siden
Her face speaks 50 shades of disgusted lol 😂
Alejandra Garcia
Alejandra Garcia - 4 timer siden
Ed is so selfish and then gets surprised when rose ditches him, like.....
QueenRae DaGod
QueenRae DaGod - 4 timer siden
Ed doesn’t seem to know that it takes two to make a relationship, it’s not all about him
•iiØrëø p ł ä ÿ šii•
I can translate to tagalog what Ed said.
Ed: excuse me, i don’t speak tagalic.
me: excuse me WHAT?
KirsuTobloxz• •
KirsuTobloxz• • - 6 timer siden
this where that came from ohhhh
Oswaldo Nunez
Oswaldo Nunez - 6 timer siden
I am happy for rose she did what she need to do she ending it befor it gets even worst good job rose she needs a good man not like Ed good job rose
Ava Lamm
Ava Lamm - 7 timer siden
I feel like he's always getting on her about not telling the truth and not being honest and he's hiding like the biggest thing you could ever hide and just expecting her to be okay with it.
Rocky Twix
Rocky Twix - 7 timer siden
Poor Rose😢 that’s literally all I have to say and i wish nothing good for Ed because no woman deserves a guy like Ed🙄
genci genciane
genci genciane - 8 timer siden
you always embraced me
Stormcloud - 8 timer siden
Tbh rose marie PERIOD
bcvbb hyui
bcvbb hyui - 7 timer siden
Whats her insta?anyone know?.
look down and spell attic
look down and spell attic - 10 timer siden
Why are people so focused on the age gap? They’re both consenting adults. Be focused on Ed’s selfishness
bcvbb hyui
bcvbb hyui - 7 timer siden
Ed built like penguin of batman 💀💀
Amber Fall
Amber Fall - 10 timer siden
Trash HIM!
Julian Jacox
Julian Jacox - 11 timer siden
Lol haha her face is the best
zuzu zoe
zuzu zoe - 11 timer siden
May every African girl watch this .....🙏🙏bow to a queen!
Abby from wii sports
Abby from wii sports - 13 timer siden
ed looks like a mix between jeff hardy and James murray but fatter
TTV Zhenoz
TTV Zhenoz - 13 timer siden
Maybe if he had a neck
Diamond Walker
Diamond Walker - 14 timer siden
What season is this?😭😭
Nexuz YT
Nexuz YT - 14 timer siden
Edna Lambert
Edna Lambert - 15 timer siden
I think she’s flipina?
Hi Everyone
Hi Everyone - 15 timer siden
No neck Ed walks away like an M&M...
Nara H
Nara H - 15 timer siden
Ok, but Rose is waayyy out of his league
ernest salarioza
ernest salarioza - 15 timer siden
Beautiful place ,woman its too big for you
Rock girl
Rock girl - 16 timer siden
he has the personality of wet socks and rose deserves a lot more
Sxun Flower
Sxun Flower - 17 timer siden
Aside from all this drama I WANT ROSE’S HAIRRRRRRRRR REEEE
Eli Lo
Eli Lo - 17 timer siden
Good for her👏🏼👏🏼
Cyber_Kiid Thuto
Cyber_Kiid Thuto - 18 timer siden
Ed built like penguin of batman 💀💀
Rock girl
Rock girl - 16 timer siden
If rose know how to speak a fluent english, i think you will hear how the filipino women rifle mouth sound
LovelyX Pew
LovelyX Pew - 19 timer siden
Whats her insta?anyone know?.
Jayci Ruperto
Jayci Ruperto - 17 timer siden
Jacob Klosler
Jacob Klosler - 20 timer siden
2:59 that face says it all 😂
C & C
C & C - 20 timer siden
We all know that we looked at the comments to see the roasts of Ed.
IamEdelle 35
IamEdelle 35 - 20 timer siden
Rose's energy: did i stutter?
Muhammad Noor Sobree Abdul Rahim
2:35 'you always EMBRACED me'
yousra amc
yousra amc - 22 timer siden
Sniper Kkid
Sniper Kkid - 22 timer siden
Awww shit
B3 Tan
B3 Tan - 22 timer siden
What country is rose from?
Jayci Ruperto
Jayci Ruperto - 17 timer siden
Day6 Fan
Day6 Fan - 23 timer siden
Him: “I’m 54 years old I don’t want kids”

Me: then you shouldn’t be dating young girls
Day6 Fan
Day6 Fan - 23 timer siden
I still can’t comprehend the fact that this bag of garbage got someone as beautiful,thoughtful and amazing as Rose
McKenzie Brown
McKenzie Brown - 23 timer siden
Damn she is one of the most wholesome girls on this show
Loc Nguyen
Loc Nguyen - 23 timer siden
Big Ed is 54 And my dad is 57 and big Ed looks like older then my dad
Loc Nguyen
Loc Nguyen - 23 timer siden
Feel soooooooooooo bad for big ed😞
Joy Isada
Joy Isada - 23 timer siden
Be strong
Joy Isada
Joy Isada - 23 timer siden
Kaya mo yan rose- you can do it rose
don Cabreza
don Cabreza - 23 timer siden
If rose know how to speak a fluent english, i think you will hear how the filipino women rifle mouth sound
InvisibleFD - Dag siden
*i not feel good*
Grace Tubio
Grace Tubio - Dag siden
Is this real story or drama?
Dark løser100
Dark løser100 - Dag siden
She really doesn't want to be there XD
-Sora Reo-
-Sora Reo- - Dag siden
I swear if someone looked at me the way Rose does at Ed, I would be clenching my asscheeks and waiting for my soul to be ripped out my body
Saipciqspjd Ncncousoudn
This entire series reminds me of this short story called the paper menagerie
Sam Unarity
Sam Unarity - Dag siden
If Ed was a Filipino, God damn i cant imagine the situation. Rose would just go Eminem mode and aidywkgakbskfisqoudogskhaoshoco Like that
Diana Bownds
Diana Bownds - Dag siden
Wow this guy is a loser I hope he never finds love
Josiah Nunez
Josiah Nunez - Dag siden
No one come at me with shit but honestly hes kinda right if he dont want another kid hes 54 and he will be 74 if they had child now he probably will not see them get married basically he might pass away so I see what hes going with that but that's the only thing I am on his side tho
Sanjana Sathish
Sanjana Sathish - Dag siden
Where's his neck btw ?
박지민Park Jimin
박지민Park Jimin - Dag siden
honestly DONT MESS WITH PHILLIPINAS!! ESPECIALLY MOMS!! they are really good at the “stop now” face, and their english is shown different when they are mad so thats when you know your in trouble
Lars LAK'S
Lars LAK'S - Dag siden
Filipino in english be like:WAY U OLWEYS EMBRASID ME?
Kay G
Kay G - Dag siden
Did anyone understand a word she said? LMAOO
Lars LAK'S
Lars LAK'S - Dag siden
Why you always EMBRASID ME?
ᑭᑎᘜ KIᗪ
ᑭᑎᘜ KIᗪ - Dag siden
I want to know if they have sex? 😂💀
Hakuna Matata
Hakuna Matata - Dag siden
The fact that Fipina women being stereotyped as a "gold digger" whenever they want a relationship with a foreigner is sick and tiring. You can clearly see here that she doesn't want his money or that green card and for those of you who still can't see that are such a losers. Come on it's 2020!
Raging Kangkong
Raging Kangkong - Dag siden
Jennilyn Fajardo
Jennilyn Fajardo - Dag siden
Rose just want money
Rhian __29
Rhian __29 - Dag siden
Rose search in google:How to choke guy without neck?

xX Alia Xx
xX Alia Xx - Dag siden
Ooo-They were my ‘Favourite’ Couple though!!
Micah De guzman
Micah De guzman - Dag siden
Who came here because of tiktok? HAHAHAHAHAH
jimin da mini mochi
jimin da mini mochi - Dag siden
OK i ain't lying cuz how about ed just go back in his hometown and give rose some space cuz every girls needs some space of think of she wants a kid how about they just text each other then have a romantic date and have adopt a baby
Daniela Yebra
Daniela Yebra - Dag siden
i just realized how ed is really dramatic...
Itz HonéySunflowér
Itz HonéySunflowér - Dag siden
Go on TikTok and big ed
used to be a model
Jose Hidalgo
Jose Hidalgo - Dag siden
He's a failed clone of Danny devito
シJazmyn - Dag siden
maybe *necks* time he’ll do whats right.
Oro Flows
Oro Flows - Dag siden
His chance with Rose was Necks to Nothing 🥀
Gabriel Hmz
Gabriel Hmz - Dag siden
She is strong beautiful woman , she deserves better man .. I wish her all the luck to find real love
Umaru Chan
Umaru Chan - Dag siden
I'm honestly disappointed in his actions through the whole season. He couldve helped her instead of being a rude man. Also when she said "why didnt you tell me you didnt want baby?" She made complete sense. He couldve said something over the phone before they went out to see eachother. That's on my opinion.
ceerw buty
ceerw buty - Dag siden
Anyone notice how he only says the word “me” a lot. He didn’t care about her he only cares about finding love for HIMSELF and that’s not right and not fair to rose
iiEternalEntityii XD
iiEternalEntityii XD - Dag siden
nah I love the fact that the actual TLC channel said “GOES OFF”
ceerw buty
ceerw buty - Dag siden
from it
Isabella HorroGamesForLife
Rose didn’t deserve this Ed lied about everything and he criticised almost everything about her! She deserves a man who treats her like the queen she is!
ishrailla hung
ishrailla hung - Dag siden
You can't really mess with Filipina. Lol
Heather Montesdeoca
Heather Montesdeoca - Dag siden
Exquisite Mind
Exquisite Mind - Dag siden
Rose is a bad bitch in her early 20s, Ed can’t kill her
S.A.Y Yoakum
S.A.Y Yoakum - Dag siden
What kind of person comes to your native land and insults your culture, home and family. It’s sad how rude he was to her, and still expected her to be “happy”, she literally was so kind to him. Way to go Big Ed 😳🤷🏽‍♀️
Tralalala L
Tralalala L - Dag siden
Fuglyy guy with no neck